Techniques for success in casino

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The easiest way to improve the speed of the shuttle

Stud's win percentage is 50%, this is normal. But in practice, the winning percentage is less than half, why? Today I'm going to teach you how to improve Stud's win rate:

(1) weak and strong, this is the safest and most useful way, this card is huge. But you can bet very little in this way to trick the other party into absolute winning.

(2) Mingqiang is strong, you can know from the board which players have strong cards. But you have strong cards and strong cards in the dark, this time with bright faces, such as: "QJQQA VS "? KJJQ" (assuming his dark card is K). I have MingQing QQ and stronger QQ, he has two. So couple shuttles

(3) Dafa strong and weak card can't be too bad then you have to show your opponent your card is very strong like: "10QA" VS "JJ?" We don't have QQ or AA in our hands, this time it's a big bet. Let your opponent mislead you into thinking you have AA or QQ. If the other party doesn't comply, he or she will have a good plan for you.